In 2010 I began my doctoral work in theology at the UChicago Divinity School. Though I've had a personal website for many years, it seemed I should create a new space for my professional work at that time.

Bryce E. Rich

November 2012

The name of this site, fides quaerens intellectum, is taken from St. Anselm of Canterbury whose approach to theology is described as "faith seeking understanding."

One aspect of Anselm's usage that often escapes the contemporary quest for clarity is that the search takes place within the Church.

As a student of Eastern Orthodoxy I hear resonances with the understanding of Tradition as both the legacy of those who have come before, but also the crucible of inquiry where the work of the Holy Spirit can quicken and clarify our trajectory in response to new situations.

My research interests include 20th century Russian theologians of the Paris School, queer theology, and theological anthropology. I plan to bring these disciplines into conversation in my work. I also enjoy liturgical theology and sacramentology. As a theologian, my desire is to see work in each of these areas enrich the life of Church. As a scholar in the the Chicago tradition, I write for multiple publics in hopes of fostering understanding and building bridges across society's many divides.