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In persona Ecclesiae

Bishop Hilarion

While the contemporary Eastern Orthodox fixation on the bishop runs just as deeply as the Roman Catholic tradition, there are differences in the iterative understanding of the episcopal role in the Lord's Supper. The modern Eastern tradition shares the understanding…

“There is Nothing Outside of the Text”

Jacques Derrida

il n'ya a pas de hors texte…[1] Summarizing Derrida's deconstructive project would be a colossal task.  Because of its very nature, there is no short, clear exposition of deconstruction.  However, for our purposes we will focus on only a couple…

Celebrating the Eucharist – Introduction

the Eucharistic host

In God Without Being, Jean-Luc Marion explores the Eucharistic event as the scene of inbreaking of God's unconditional gift to humanity – a theological site where sign, locutor, and referent all converge in the person of Jesus Christ, the living…